Behold. Believe. Become.

It has been said that we become what we behold. The Bible instructs us in many places to keep our eyes on God. This is challenging in a world that incessantly clamors for our attention. God invites us to do the impossible: fix our gaze on Him 24/7. Jesus modeled this in His earthly life, always and only doing what He saw the Father doing. Not only was He God, He was constantly in touch with the heart of Father God and He never failed to look to Him. My prayer is that Handel Hymn Project songs help you to behold, believe and become. Behold God on the pages of Scripture and personally encounter Him as you memorize His Word. Believe, live out and apply the Word and let go of all the unbelief you are holding on to. Become the light in the darkness as God's Spirit transforms you by the renewing of your mind and fills you with His fullness. We will press on to know Him more together.

A New Beginning

We all need a new start in life. In John chapter 3, Jesus says that we all must be born again. Rejecting Christ's free offer of eternal salvation and forgiveness of sin results in death and eternal separation from Him in hell. If you have never begun a heart-to-heart personal relationship with Jesus Christ, today is your day. If you once prayed a prayer to invite Christ into your life but have drifted away from Him, today is your day. Reach out to Him right now and begin again.

Pray: Jesus, You said that I must be born again. I need that new birth right now. I believe You are the Son of God and that You lived a perfect life, died for me on the cross and rose again from the dead. I give my life to You. Take away all the sinful things I have ever thought, said and done. I place You in charge of my life. Give me Your peace and make me new. Help me begin again. Amen. 

Please reach out through the contact form or directly at handelhymnproject@protonmail.com if you have prayed this prayer so we can connect you with resources to grow closer to God.